About Us

Richards Brothers was started in 1932 when Claude Richards moved his general store from Pomona to West Plans, Missouri. At that time Claude brought his three younger brothers, Newell, Dwight and Wells into the business forming Richards Brothers. It quickly became the retail hub for a growing community Richards Brothers provided just about anything the local customers wanted or needed, and established themselves as the place for the fair deal and where the customer comes first. In 1937, Wells Richards and his wife Lorene, moved to Mountain Grove and opened a general store with groceries,dry goods and animal feed. It is in that location (after several remodels and additions) that the grocery store still stands. Upon his passing in 2009, the grocery and feed store stayed in the family and is now owned by his 3 grandsons Bob, Steve, and David Skyles. All three live in the Mountain Grove area, making it the only true locally owned grocery store for the last 80 years!